Guys, It's your birthday, you get a box with a ribbon on it?

Boys? Your special someone gives you a birthday box. What would you like to see in that box?

Gals, Yes. I am needing ideas to fill a birthday box, with special somethings for a special someone 😍


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  • All depends on the guy. Some guys would like a watch, some guys would be tickled if it had a snake in it. And of course, everything in between. You know what he likes and doesn't. The standard ideas of jewelry, cologne, tie, cuff links (have them but never wear them), candy, or gift certs are all safe bets. But if you want to up the game, you need to get personal; since you know him, you know his hobbies and interests. Maybe he's really into astronomy and you buy him that latest camera for taking star pictures he's wanted. That's what makes it personal and meaningful.


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  • if they like soprts than get them there fav team jersey and a scrf to match

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