How to start talking to an ex again after NC?

So my ex and I broke up due to long distance, and we stopped talking to each other some time in March, other than the occasional "hope you're well" text.

In my attempt of moving on, I've recently hooked up with a hot Spanish dude, which eventually led me to realize I still miss my ex.

My ex, however, saw the Facebook post where I visit the Spanish dude (he lives in a city, 3 hours from mine), probably got a little jealous (?) and then made some small talk on the teddy bear he gave to me when we were together, but I responded coldly because:
1. I don't think my ex wants to do long distance as there is no way of closing the distance for a duration of two (2) years
2. I was concerned that the Spanish guy may still be genuinely interested in me
3. I genuinely feel that I might fall back in love with my ex again

About an hour ago, Spanish dude and I both don't feel like making each other boyfriend-girlfriend, so we're all cool there. One less complication :D

Now I feel like I should talk to my ex again. Any ideas how can I do that without putting too much pressure on him?


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  • Ask him about where he is at with his life right now. Like career wise, relationships, things of that nature. Most men will tell you what they want. If they don't, then move on. Just like if a women can be a grown women and speak her mind then I can deal with her. Being an adult and open about your feelings will win him over

    • I mean, he already knows about my feelings.

      Maybe I could ask him about his friends and family? His brother recently got engaged, their puppies went missing but was found later, and one of his best friend's dad passed away it seems.

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