Is it possible for a guy to passionately kiss a girl multiple times and have very little feeling for her?

This guy and I have been casually seeing each other for a while now and he claims the reason that we aren't dating is because we works a lot (which is true), and he lives over an hour away (true again), and he is the only one with a car + no public transit were I live. As well we both live with our rents and him driving up and sleeping over its really an option yet.. So he said that why we aren't exclusive and I think I believe him. When we are together he is very affectionate (kisses, hugs, says really cute/sweet stuff). In a couple months he will be moving a lot closer to my house for work and I will be getting a car so things are looking way better. So we have the thought of dating then in the back of or minds. Do you think he''s telling the truth about why we aren't dating.. or do guys like kissing in general that much that he is sticking around for that?


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  • Very few couples last with long distance. Don't ever say, "Well if they did it, I can!" Because everyone is different, just as relationships are. Do I think you should be with him? No. Not until things are settled closer to you and you two can talk real feelings.

    Casually? Absolutely. Kissing is fine, but try and make sure you two are on the same page for feelings. Guys tend to have on and off buttons, and have a generally easier time shutting out their emotions than girls.

    He WILL kiss you/sleep with you/do anything with you and NOT have feelings for you. So what you need to do:

    Ask him how he feels. Don't come on too strong. And don't act like you're a couple.

    And tell him how you feel.

    You need to make sure that he will be committed to you, especially if you're going to be loyal to him.

    • "You need to make sure that he will be committed to you, especially if you're going to be loyal to him." what does this mean like you mean right now while were casual? But thanks for your answer I agree about the not getting serious till thing are closer part for sure.

    • Yes. There's such a thing as casually seeing each other and no one else. Maybe bring that idea up with him and see how he feels.

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