How should I break it down why I don't want to see him anymore?

The guy who I pour it out how much I liked and cared about him said basically he was moving to California and he likes the way things are between us. I obviously have feelings for him but every since he told me that I kept my distance. From time to time he would text me out of the blue and wanting to come over. I already know that I don't want to go there with him again I don't want to miss him and worse of all waste my time with someone who doesn't like me like that. So I would rather speak to him in person to tell him but he's very busy the main way he communicates is by texting and I would rather have a reaction when I tell him so I won't be guessing what he is thinking. Anyways should I just tell him in a text that we should work on just being strictly friends or should I say we need to see each other in person but whenever that maybe I don't know?


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  • That's a tough one. Texting is fine for a lot of things, but sometimes you just need that personal touch. Even a handwritten letter conveys more feelings than a text does. If he can't or won't make time for you, though, you may not have any other options.


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