Why are women more often cruel to guys but when guys are rude he should be"slapped"?

why are women more often cruel to guys but when guys are rude he should be"slapped"?

its guys approch women but they subject to be called cripes and other names is girl think he is ugly.
if guy did that he get so much troble.

what with Double standers and "ugly" guy getting dissed? the only way make frend its to approch strangers. many guy doing nothing wrong but many women are delusional and paranoid.

IM just saying in are society guys been depicted as making wrong move but how about ladies what do they do wrong?


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  • Girls aren't cruel. If you're getting called creepy for approaching someone, then it's not because you're not good looking or that you've approached them, it's most likely because of the way you've done it.

    • what IM saying guys not always wrong.. sometime women have flaws

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    • tell what are women doing wrong in there approach?

    • Men generally don't complain when women approach, so I can't tell you.

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  • If you say or do something unsavory then slapping should happen, you can handle a box from a dainty little hand, can't you?😆

    • I would press assault charges :) lol just for hell of it. a single hi can get you slapped.

  • Men need to be slapped, we have to keep them in line!

    • Some women need their mouths checked too

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    • Sorry it's hard to read that in text especially with feminism running rampant

    • I've heard that it's their mission to destroy the world.

  • No woman would ever slap you because you keep it real.


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  • Because feminism