Should I be worried that my boyfriend said this?

My boyfriend and I were talking about past girls and he told me about a girl that he loved 6 years ago. He was 16 and she was 14 and her dad wouldn't let him date her. He ran into her a year ago And he said that they instantly started talking again but stopped. She said that she moved halfway across the country and that he had no desire about being in a long distance relationship but he said that "if they were both 30 and single he would date her because he knows it would work" I asked why he's with me then and he said because he knows it would work with me. I too have a guy best friend that I have loved all throughout high school
and he moved halfway across the country. We talk all the time and we both said that if we were thirty and not with anyone we would give it a try. However I know that life isn't a fairy tale so I'm not just sitting around waiting for my best friend and I know that I love my boyfriend. Do you think that my boyfriend really loves me?


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  • Yes he does. You have the same situation in your life so you should understand this

    • I know I have the same situation but the whole thing still makes me feel uncomfortable

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    • Well he didn't want a relationship he wanted to play the field but he came to me one day and said that he loved me and that he saw me as his girlfriend and we started dating. He loves me and always puts a lot of time into me

    • Then I wouldn't worry about it

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