He hasn't replied back, Advice?

So I been talking to this guy for a while and things haven't been good because it's like I do all of the work so I texted letting him know and that's was at 11am and now it's 2:36pm and he haven't texted me back and this is what i said to him "So I feel like there's lack of communication between us and we hardly ever see each other. Like if I am busy I will go out my way to see you but in your end not as much. It's like I am more interested in you then you are in me, its like I put more effort into it and you not as much... it's like i'm only around just for your convenient it seems." I need advice on what to do


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  • If you're not happy then end it

    • Typical guy response

    • It isn't going to change and if you think you can make him change then you're delusional and will be unhappy for a very long time

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  • He may not be ready for this. Maturing wise and just in general. Give him time and space to decide for himself what he wants to do.

    • The thing is he is a 33 year old man he should know what he wants

    • Yes, I agree he should. But there are some men AND women who are indecisive in these things and don't know how to handle it.