Serious dating issues?

Okay, I feel very vulnerable putting myself out there like this, but here it goes:

I am a 26 year old male with a masters degree who eats healthy, works out, loves to read news articles, talk politics, history, art, you name it, I will find something about it interesting. I like to keep an open mind.

For the life of me, I cannot seem to understand why, after breaking up with my ex girlfriend three years ago and having my last bonafide sexual encounter two years ago, that I am having such bad luck with women.

In general, I am a confident person and I have been told by people I am laid back and can be funny.

So, what frustrates me is how I can have a really good hand of cards but lose every game (seriously, I must be 0/80 by now).

Ladies, what can I be doing wrong? Guys, only constructive feedback please.

I've been feeling so alone, desperate, and so not willing to accept this effed up situation because I know it's not me. I know I can do better.

I just need to find what is either tripping me out or if this is just some result of the effed up society we live in.

I know I am not giving you much but if you would like to learn more about me to help with this dilemma, I would be more than happy to.


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  • Could it be it ex is vindictive and spreading lies

    Or that you might be putting up a false front that women could be picking up on

    • Nah, highly doubt it. Ex lives in another city and I haven't heard from her since we broke up (so much for wanting to be friends lol).

      I don't think so. I think I may have put up a false front when I tried out the PUA stuff a year ago (obviously crap) but, in general, I just tried to be laid back, genuine, and get to know someone so they feel "validated".

      For whatever reason though, even though I can easily get someone's name, number, FB, and try to pick up the convo or set up a date, they just flake out (Mind you, I wait and give space, I have a life too lol).

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    • Hmm that is quite an issue

    • You're telling me lol.

      Whenever I do free time (like now, laying out by the pool, or in the shower), I mull over what can possibly be wrong. Quite a mystery.

  • Are you getting yourself out there? How many women do you meet a week? How many do you ask out?

    Beginning to see why you're still single?

    • Believe me, I do get myself out there, hence the 0/80 ratio (not exact but you get the picture).

      About 2 a week (found out most just flake out or have boyfriends).

      If it gets to that point, I've probably asked out about 30 or so of them?

      No, not really. So, any other ideas would be appreciated.

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