Is it wrong that I paid for stuff on date #2?

First date we split cost of lunch.
2nd date I paid for concert tickets, he paid for a drink.
Will it make him not want to pay for future date?

Does it make me look desperate tht I paid and initiated both dates? My friends told me I shouldn't have.. And I felt bad. I just need to get some thoughts across the board. Will he not initiate and leave me to pay for it all if I am independently paying my way through dates?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The important thing is what he does on the third date (and any other subsequent dates). Since you've paid for more than him at this point (assuming the concert tickets cost more than the drinks he bought), he should definitely reach for the check on the next date.

    If he's not initiating dates and not paying for them, it doesn't necessarily mean that he's not into you, but it's also not a good sign. A dude who doesn't carry his weight financially will disappoint you in other areas of a relationship (emotional support, quality time, etc.).

    Good luck!

    • I really like your answer because it sounds so logical, Thankyou for sharing your advice. I don't want to dwell on it but I feel it could be something that concerns me, especially regarding that last statement about disappointment with other aspects of the relationship. Thankyou. as for the drinks it def. Doeant amoubt to the same cosr, but it didn't bother me as much as he had to cut the date short due to personal issue. He actually initiated the 3rd date today for the weekend.. Another movie... free tickets he scored. Not sure we will grab a bite to eat after if we do should I see if he pays? Or is this just rude?

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  • I feel you're overthinking this too much, you are well within your rights to pay on a date however there needs to be an equal balance and seeing as you contributed the most on your second date, it's only fair that he chips in a lot for the third. Try and subtly get him to take the lead a bit more, get him to suggest an idea and if it's his thing, he'll feel the need to pay for it (if he's decent enough).

  • No, it's good.


What Girls Said 1

  • That is so normal that it's insane.

    • Thanks for commenting, its dnt bother me until I brought it up and my friends made more of a stink than I did 😖

    • As long as you're comfortable with it, that's all that matters. Men often complain that they have to do all the paying so he'll probably enjoy having been treated.