Ending a friendship?

My boyfriend and I became exclusive around March. He and his good friend starting talking to the same girl around January. Their friendship prior had started slowly dying and now they don't talk. My boyfriend has told me the story of why their friendship started dying and what not. We were out last night and he was talking to another buddy about this other friend that's not in my boyfriend life anymore. The guys has been drinking heavily. So I say at one point you guys basically stopped being friends over a girl? Would that end or change or relationship?


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  • Who's relationship theirs? Probably not

    • No my relationship with my boyfriend. Would he be mad at me?

    • No you're just bringing concerns with him so I really don't think that it would

    • Yeah. Just seemed like my boyfriend got mad when I said. This girl caused a friendship between to guys to end. Like I said his friendship with his buddy was slowly dying. My boyfriend in the past told me all this. I just feel insecure because my boyfriend looked pissed after I Saud that. He had excused himself. I Don't Want To Break Up

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  • Boys could hold long grudges but I don't think that means they won't talk to each other ever again..