Gone for 2 weeks?

I've been seeing a guy for a little over a month twice a week. We've slept together. He was over at my place yesterday and we discussed his hometown in another state, how often he goes home and what not. Today I ask him what his plans are for the 4th and he says he is going home for two weeks.

To me this feels like utter BS and if it was true why not mention it before now?

it feels like he is just losing interest and has other plans.

He says he really like me and just couldn't find the time to bring it up when we were together the day before talking about visiting family. Am I wrong to be upset and think something is up?


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  • You are totally overreacting. If someone I knew for a month needed to either be with me or know where I am all the time, I would probably feel like they were trying to smother me. I think it is much too early in the relationship, regardless of whether you've slept with the guy or not, to be this overly concerned. You haven't mentioned anything else he's done to make you feel like he is losing interest so why you've now jumped to that conclusion is baffling. I mean maybe he forgot, maybe he thought you were busy that weekend, maybe he just wants to hang out with his family and friends, or maybe the sky is blue. Don't go crazy on the guy or accuse him of ditching you over this. Trust that if he said he likes you.

    • Yeah I know... My reaction would have been totally different if it weren't a conversation via text... The last guy I dated would make up stuff like this at the last minute all the time via text until I caught him. I know it isn't fair to be suspicious of this guy though based on that. thanks

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  • If he says he's going home, then he's going home. Sounds like you have something you're hiding though. usually the accuser, is the accuse


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  • You're overreacting. It may have just come up. Or, he didn't feel the need to mention it because his family life doesn't really concern you, ya know?

    • We see each other every weekend and during the week. I don't care, if he would have told me it would have been whatever. I just don't know why he didn't tell me before now.

      Guys usually tell me about 3 day business trips. I do the same. I guess the issue is I doubted him when he told me. It made me think he had other plans... Two weeks is a long time when you first start dating.

    • Honestly, you're reaching. I think you're the one losing interest and want to blame it on him.