On a dating site when I said I had to go, she said Speak Soon is this a good sign of her being interested?

Heress the message in fact each response from her was in same sized paragraphs as this -

Ahh im glad it's all going so well for you ! Ahh I absolutely love it, I never used to enjoy walking or anything like that but now I can't get enough, especially on days like today! :) erm it's a village but I was right between 2 mountains and surrounded by fields so was nice! Yes was very painful. Yeah definitely ! I have applied for 3 colleges, see what the outcome is! Okay I will add you when I go on there :) speak soon x


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  • Yeah it is.

    • thanks i thought so, i mean she was really nice to me i think i have got lucky as i think we both click in personality's and attraction.
      Any more signs to look for?

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