So there's this guy I had my eye and I asked his sister if he was single now I'm trying to figure out exactly what to say lol?

I simply messaged her and said random question is your bro single lol? she said yes lol.. Im stuck now lol.. i was gonna say you should tell him im interested if he remembers me lol.. but it sounds a little desperate lol.. i know i sound childish but i always get super nervous about it lol.. i guess its more of a fear of rejection. which choice should i go with lol.

  • you should tell him I'm interested
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  • you should tell him to text me sometime
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  • Just remember, just cause ur in to him, and he's single, does not mean he's in to you, or wants to be with someone right now. Sometimes we really do just want to be single, for whatever reason that may be, usually it's to be slutty, girls too, for that matter


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  • It's better to know than not know! I rather think rejected than not knowing what would've happened. It's easier that way to move on. You don't wanna be stuck in the past thinking I wonder what if blah blah.

    • lol i completely agree lol.. just trying to decide how to say it lol

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    • I don't have his number only his sisters i was trying to figure out what to say to her without sounding super desperate lol

    • okay if his sister is easygoing to you. ask for his number to see if he wants to catch up. simple. there's Facebook, instagram or twitter to talk to him?

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  • It's is a common sense go for option one its is a modern age u know


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  • Tell him you like him.

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