Do the thoughts of parents matter while in relationships?

Im in a new relationship. We started talking about parents and family. My boyfriend told me how his mom is very judgmental and wants the best for him. I was joking around and said she probably won't like me. He said she would like me as a person but be judgmental of other things. I was curious so I asked him what would she be judgmental of. He said that she would be judgmental of things like my job, my living situation and things of that nature. I work in retail and I live with my family right now. I'm in school abd just trying to better myself and grow as a person. I'm not rich I guess I'm considered poor but I'm a decent person. I think his parents are kind of well off and have good jobs. After he told me these things it made me already not want to meet her or his family in the future. I already feel a little shameful of my current situation finacial wise eetc. I wouldn't want someone else judging me. I don't know, hearing him tell me this about his mom made me not want to meet his family and I started thinking that maybe I'm not good enough for him. He has a decent job and stuff. I started thinking that I don't have a lot to offer like finacially... it kind of made me feel bad. I haven't told him that I feel like this. We just started dating but I know he will want me to meet his parents one day and I don't know if I want to if his mom will judge me. How should I handle this situation?


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  • "I wouldn't want someone else judging me" Someone is always judging you, every single day.

    If you care about a person, then you care about what they care about. So in some way yes, the parents thoughts do matter. However, her judging you on your current situation is something that shouldn't cause shame because obviously it's pretty messed up.


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  • Yes they do.


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