Attracted to a Woman but I can't ask her out, what do I do?

So I met this woman a couple months ago. I knew I wanted to ask her out within like 5 minutes of meeting her but I can't ask her out, at least not right now. I'll spare the unnecessary details, but due to business reasons I can't ask her out, though I possibly could later.

For a while I was doing okay around her. Mostly made casual conversation with the occasional conversation containing some personal and private details about each other. I get the impression she might be interested in me too because she'll do stuff like park next to me at an event with 700 people (once could be coincidence, but 2-3 times seems on purpose). She will usually be the one to come up to me to say hi, as we are at the same events at least once or twice a week, and she definitely treats me differently than other guys I see her interact with. She also had a boyfriend the first month I knew her, but she didn't tell me about him or even mention him in passing until she had broken up with him, she made sure to tell me the day after it happened.

The problem is that I started to fall in love with who I imagine her to be, and since I can't ask her out I decided to avoid her so as not to let my emotions get out of control. I was doing well with that for the past two weeks and went on dates with a couple other women I met online to try and get my mind off her, but yesterday she called me out. She said something like "I can tell you're avoiding me. I don't know what I did or what your problem is, but I don't care. Just tell me why because I want to know." She was a little bit angry, but mostly she sounded hurt and didn't look me in the eye when she said it, she looked down at the ground. I didn't know what to say so I just made up some lie about being busy with business, but she didn't buy it and said "ok, fine, whatever" and looked away to the side when she said it. Then we said goodbye and left.

What should I tell her? It would sound pretty creepy if I told her I'm avoiding her because I really like her, wouldn't it?


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  • Just tell her.


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