Not happy with how we communicate, what should I do?

She's the closest thing to perfect for me, and we are bf/gf w/o a title yet. I am stoked, But she is more independent than I am and a heck of a lot busier. I am used to a relationship with a clingy girlfriend so this is strange. I tend to do way more initiating through text than she does, I have spoken to her a few times on how I feel and things have inporved but not to the point where I am happy.
Think that with time and maybe making things official things will progress and improve?
OR is this something that I can't neccessarialy change?


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  • Try to talk more.

    • I do. But she is so busy it's hard to find times to chat on the phone and even harder to hang out. So we resort to texting which isn't that great.

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