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Me and one of my friends were talking and she said girls have it a lot easier but I said no I think guys have it a lot easier .

So who has life easier?

When I say life I mean life in general; everything considered

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  • I voted A, but I'm not saying that girls have life in general entirely easier, both genders in life and society, culture, have their Pro's and Con's. Like what is easy for girls is hard for guys, but what is easy for guys is hard for girls, but the parts of life that girls have it easier are what I wish I had easier because I have been struggling since. When it comes to dating and relationships, boyfriend/girlfriend, that part in my opinion girls have it easier, like they have it initially easier since us guys have to make the first move and take the initiative, here is how I see it:

    By nature girls and boys always see dating/relationships from different view points.

    here's the breakdown though:

    Girls in one aspect do have it harder----BUT only because they over analyze everything, and take everything personal, in escence they complicate things more, but they do it because we care(thats what a girl told me).

    Guys have it harder because we are seen as the go getter's, initiators - we have to ask them out, we have to protect them(I don't mind that) - we must read minds - problem is most of us guys don't want to try hard enough.

    it's all a matter of communication and will to make things work, if woman and men understood that I think things would be a lot easier, but most of the time woman are so emotional and men are so closed minded.

    it works both ways, but I still think guys have it harder.

    In reality, it is much more difficult for a man to meet a woman than it is for a woman to meet a man. Women are able to approach men and are also able to wait to be asked out. Men can not wait and rely on women to approach and ask for the date because men WILL NEVER BE ASKED OUT. Men have to do everything in order to get anything with a woman. Women have the god given right of never having to deal with rejection or incur any of the pain associated with it. When a man gets rejected he has to shrug it off and his friends would tell him to “be a man”. On the other hand, if a woman gets rejected, she would most likely take it as a personal insult on her inner child and her friends will comfort her. A woman is automatically accepted by society as a woman; whereas men have to prove themselves at every turn. A shy woman WILL get asked out without having to over come it. Men have to work more on themselves than women do. Men must have confidence, real self confidence, that is not based solely on how they look, but rather understanding and acknowledging their self worth in order to approach. Building up this type of confidence takes time and understanding.

    • Sorry, I didn't have time to edit, what I mean is that in reality and life, it is much more difficult for a guy to meet a girl, a potential girlfriend, than it is for a girl to meet a guy, a potential boyfriend. Us guys have to do everything or just about everything in order to get anything from a girl or with a girl, we have to do all the work, and I'm not referring to just sex and one-night stands.

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  • This is coming from a much older person. I think it can depend when you are talking your whole life. In general though, I think women have a lot more responsibility these days. They not only work, but take on the major aspects of the home & childcare. That's not to say there aren't men that are GREAT with helping. But, overall, women do more in an average day. I think its improved with both parties helping more but it seems women still try to have it all but end up overwhelmed. Men still make more money than women on average--for the same job. Women also have to bear the children. This is just my opinion and my experience.

  • I don't think there is a general answer. In some ways, women have it easier. In others, men do.

  • That is a hard question, I don't know if you could ever have one straight answer for that.


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  • Neither has it "easier" per se' - we both have completely separate tasks to look at and to appreciate from each given person.

    Men: (on average)

    - Set up the initial date / advancement

    - Court the female

    - Work for the money in the household

    - Take care of any physically-demanding tasks (cars / construction / etc)

    - Listen a lot and are problem solvers

    - Don't receive as much ridicule over their ENTIRE lifetime

    - Are usually powerful

    Women: (on average)

    - Look "good" for themselves and other men

    - Maintain the sexual aspect after 5+ years together

    - Maintain the household after it's been established

    - Organize the day / plans

    - Accept ridicule for simple things that other women call them "Skanks" or "whores" for

    - Are usually self-conscious

    Best regards,


  • There's a great quote that gets to the heart of this question. "A woman can go to the bar, and if she really wants to, can leave with a man. A guy can go to many bars, and there's no guarantee he'll leave with a woman."

    I'd certainly say it's harder for a guy to get a girl than the other way around. Most women, from the time they were around 14 or so, have been getting attention from males. Guys, on the other hand, generally don't have a cache of women to choose from.

    That's not to say it's any easier for women; just because they have more options doesn't mean any of the guys available to them are really what they are looking for. On the contrary, the guys who are available to them are the guys who otherwise haven't found a girl yet; all else being equal, they're probably from the less-desirable side of the scale. Guys, on the other hand, will often be happy with just about any girl they can find.

    In the end, guys have to look harder to find a girl, but once they've found one they're easier to please. Girls don't have to look very hard to find a guy, in reality they don't actually literally have to find a guy, it just happens, girls are takers and choosers, guys go after what they want, yes there is a good and bad side to it, but being a taker and chooser is better because you have more options, you get to control the outcome situations more often, but they'll have to wait for some time to get a good guy. But still, even if it is a great, good, long-term serious committed relationship, the guy was the one that initiated it, did all or most of the work in order to get the girl to be in a relationship with him.

    Overall, even if it is a serious, committed, long-term relationship, a great one, or just a hook-up, one-night stand, casual sex, etc. Girls have it entirely easier initially, us guys have to do all or most of the work in order to anything with or from a girl.

    Thats why I think women have it easier.

  • Given how much difference there is between everybody, I think this question only really works for things that can apply only to members of specific gender. So in that regard:


    -Period (haven't had one myself, but they don't seem like fun)

    -Giving birth (sounds like a blast...coming out of your vagina)

    -Boobs (guys can get boobs too, but that's just from being fat; I wouldn't consider this to be good or bad)


    -Erection (this is more of a good thing than a bad thing, since erections are awesome)

    -Testicles (an unfortunately sensitive and vulnerable spot)

    Anything else can easily be dependent on social generalizations, double standards, or individual body types, so those don't really factor into the equation. I may have missed something, though, so feel free to comment.

    Overall, I'd say girls have it tougher.

  • Women have it easier. We have to be perfect, also most of us guys still have to pay for these dates too. That's the stereotype, me and my girlfriend, we both have turns in paying (before), now we have a joint bank account so it doesn't really matter.

    • Us guys have to do more than just ask a girl out, we have to start the conversation and keep it going, we have to initiate everything, whether it is first or last.

  • It's way easier for a girl to get a boyfriend than it is for a guy to get a girlfriend.

  • for dating and relationships, I say women, since we men always have to initiate

  • Women got it easier by default. In society men is expected to do most of the work to get the girl to be in a relationship with him.

    • Exactly, a girl can get a boyfriend without having to overcome shyness, however, us guys can't do the same thing.

    • Girls always or usually have the final say, all they gotta do is approve of the date and relationship, or deny it.

  • It's not easy to pinpoint who has it "easier", since everyone is raised differently and experiences life in their own unique way.

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