I'm stuck between two guys?

Okay so this story is a long and twisted one. There are two guys. I like them both. A lot. They both like me. One is sweet and cute and sensitive and an amazing guitarist. He is two years older than me (he is 18, I am 16). The other is insanely attractive, smart, loves to read, very insightful, and a great conversationalist, and he is my age. However he has done some bad bad bad drugs. And I do not do anything of the sort nor would I ever choose to. However I can look past it bc it was in his past. However my mom found out and said I can't see him anymore, and I told him about two weeks ago, and he said he would talk to her about it. However he still has not talked to her about it. Back to the other guy, he moved to my country four years ago from Greece, and is going back for the summer :( and I was just starting to really like him again after we had gone to prom the other day and we really reconnected. What happened was I went on a date with both of these guys. My friend told the guy I went to prom with that I had gone out on a date with the other guy. I did not think it was a big deal because I didn't think we were actually dating. However he is kind of sensitive and I am pretty blunt and sometimes quite emotionless.. And it caused so much drama. So then I chose the other guy. But he had already paid for prom so I still had to go. And now I just do not know what to do. Opinions?


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  • It's impossible to like two men at once

    • you can like two people at once but you can't love two people at once ; it has been proven.

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  • I would personally go with the guy from Greece because I had a guy friend who did a lot of drugs almost a year or two ago and it caught up with him and he is just gone right now, as if the drugs have completely consumed him, so ya i would say go with the guy who hasn't done drugs


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  • Choose the hotter one


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