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never had an actual real relationship before, until recent. I've never been a happy type I'm kind of introverted and I don't have many friends. I've been diagnosed with clinical depression at an early age. I never go out or see new things I'm always stuck in my room with nothing to do. About 10 years ago (1st grade) I had a good friend and he was a guy and he's liked me until now. We liked each other both in 6th grade before I transferred schools. My friend told me about a couple months ago he had asked about me and told me to message him and I did. I messaged him and then went to visit our old school to visit him and others. I messaged him that night and he told me he wanted to meet me alone so I went the next day ( I've never had a relationship so I overlooked this because of my desperate-ness) and I went and he tried to touch me and I let him.. Then the next day I find out he has a girlfriend and I told him I wasn't going to visit him that day because he had a girlfriend and he said it was okay and he was sorry, I try to message him again to talk as friends the next day and he reads my message and doesn't reply. It's been a month now and he still reads them? I'm confused what does this mean what do I do?


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  • He lost interest.


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