Am I wrong for dating other guys when we're not exclusive?

I was dating someone for almost 2 months and he lives an hour away. He would drive up during the week & weekend to take me out, communication was good but then he stopped making the effort to spend time or arrange dates with me. (We haven't had sex btw)

I tried to have the exclusivity convo with him; he stated that we were still getting to know each other. So I figured it was fine for me to see other guys & started making other plans. He asked where I was going & with whom so I was honest w/him. I went out with another guy.

I hadn't heard from him for 4 days so I called him but my call was rejected. I then texted him saying that I would rather he communicated the issue with me but I respect his choice & will move on. He never replied.

What did I do wrong? I'd like to know so that I won't make the same mistake moving forward in dating.


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  • He probably figured you weren't interested. He probably initiated most of the conversation, he probably had to arrange most of the dates, he probably had to cover the majority of the expenses, he had to drive an hour to see you, and then there was no sex for the almost two months y'all were together.

    He probably pulled back to see if you would try and initiate anything (maybe arrange a date, maybe drive to see him) and you decide to talk about exclusivity which probably made him think you were just missing the attention (like why would he want to be exclusive with you at this point?), then you just outright told him you went out with another guy which probably just confirmed to him that you weren't that interested and only looking for attention

    • I talked to him about being exclusive BEFORE I went out with the other guy. He was making less effort to spend time w me. He kept probing about who I was going to the movies with. If you're going to comment, read the question.

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    • I initiated things with him also. It wasn't as if I was taking but not giving. I really care about him & I'd be lying if I said my feelings aren't hurt. Whenever I disagreed with something he did I spoke up about it & I thought he cared enough for me to do the same.
      & u mentioned sex but I didn't feel comfortable sleeping with a man who didn't want to be exclusive with me.

    • Then he most likely felt you weren't giving nearly as much as you were taking 2 months in

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  • I don't think so. As long as both parties are aware of the situation.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. If he doesn't want to be exclusive, he shouldn't care you're going out with other guys. You smacked his pride onna nose, though, and that stings. Some guys can take it, some can't. Sounds like he can't. You're probably better off where you're at.


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