Guys, Should I see him?

Have been dating a guy for a couple of months. He says he is unsure what he wants but asked to see me this week. Should I see him?


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  • No, that is a clear sign of a guy who is just out to use you for sex.

    • Even though we haven't had sex yet?

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    • You're very welcome! And with him playing the whole "I want something meaningful" card, then retracting it basically the next moment, you have yet another clue that he is trying to hook you emotionally, and lure you into the false promise of a real connection and relationship later, so he can hopefully get sex today. Beware of guys like this. They are very disingenuous, and are usually very good at playing girls emotionally. They've learned through trial and error what will work to get in the girl's panties. So yes, he is looking below the waist, and not to your heart, or into your eyes and soul.

    • Thank you for giving me MHO :)

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  • It depends on what *you* want. If you're expecting a relationship, it probably isn't going to come soon. He clearly wants to play; which is fine if you're ok with that. You can try to settle him down, but I doubt it'll work.

  • if u wanna go see him, then do it :)


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