When to define the relationship?

I dated this girl two years ago. We only dated for a few weeks before she broke up with me. We were younger and immature. Not a big deal, but recently I saw this girl again. We talk on the phone and text a lot. Over the last 3 weeks we have connected a lot since we didn't talk for like a year and a half.

Now since we have been talking a lot. We talk about cuddling, seeing each other, and just having fun in general. We don't live in the same state anymore so it makes it a bit hard. But I really like this girl even love. Although I havn't told her that. We send each other kissy emojies and hearts. I want this to go farther but we are both going to college soon. We plan on seeing each other on breaks but until then it will be a few months. When is it okay to talk about where this relationship going? Or basically asking her how she feels about all of it? How would I go about this?

Thanks in advance for the replies. All help is appreciated.


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  • Ask her now. Why wait?
    Just be blunt and ask her straight up where this is going.


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