How do I go on this date?

Hey guys so I finally got a date to the movies (I know that's not the best place to go on a first date, but I already know her so I don't really need to get to know her more if I already know her) and we are going to see Jurassic world. My friend wanted to come to be my wingman so I said yeah and I asked my date to bring one of her friends so that it could be sort of a double date. The problem is I have no idea what I should do. My friend is more attractive than I am and I'm afraid that he will steal my date on accident. Also, I'm not allowed to drive with another person yet (I'm legally allowed to drive with one other person but my parents forbid me to drive with anyone yet). I can tell she likes me cause she was flirting with me over text, but that doesn't mean my friend can accidentally steal her over with his looks. Anyone have any tips on how I can go on this movie date and not have my friend accidentally steal her?
by the way my friend has accidentally stole this girl that I was texting. So I'm afraid he will do it again


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  • Oh god. Rookie error
    I went on a guy who brought a friend and I hated it. So awkward

    If it was me I'd think of a way for it to just be the two of us. And lie to my parents and say I was meeting friends out and pick her up.

    If you're not comfortable doing that then just go with the original plan. She agreed to go out with you so she already likes you. You just have to not screw it up lol, don't worry about your friend

    • Ok that is good thinking, but i already told her the idea of we each bring a friend and she thought it was awesome, so i guess i got lucky.

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  • basically wot makes u feel he's more attractive than u? also even if he's she might like u bro instead

    • I don't know. He gets tons of girls without even trying so i'm assuming that he is more attractive than I am.

    • still... SHE might find u more attractive bro!

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  • Match him up with her friend right at the beginning. If he is as attractive as you say then her friend should be smitten.


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  • Why they hell did you ask your friend to come on your date? Also now you're worried that he is going to steal your chick lmao!

    • I asked cause i wanted a wingman so he could help me out.

    • Why would you want help when you already have the date? You don't take people when she is already agreed to be alone with you lmao!
      You basically turned the date into a friendly environment.

  • Tell your friend you like the girl and if he tries to steal her from you on the double date he is not a friend I would keep around.

    • No he doesn't do it on purpose he isn't like that. I'm just afraid that the girl will get attracted to my friend's looks and she will be more interested in him than me.

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