Today is the day I am asking her out? Any tips?

I am asking this girl out on a date today. I don't know what is going to happen but I am going for it. Not over text or calling her but in person. This is a big step because I don't know how she feels. She is a flirty girl but even some of my flirty friends that are girls think she is interested in me. People have made the comments but it so hard to tell. Regardless today is my day to do it.

I just came to see if anyone has any tips or even just words of encouragement? I am super nervous.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Good luck!

    Be prepared for anything.

    If she rejects you.. then casually continue on as if no feelings are hurt.
    Don't let her be able to read you.

    I suggest asking her out after your hang out... so you're not sticking around if things start to feel awkward.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just be direct, tell her exactly what you want and for the love of God keep it simple

    • Don't worry about that. I'm not going to go all mushy and sappy.

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  • don't worry just breathe and don't be afraid whats the worst that could happen your an intellligent handsome guy at worst she rejects you so what you are still amazing and the right one is out there best case she likes you too just be cool and be a gentleman


What Guys Said 1

  • nice job buddy, glad to see you're making the move!

    the only tip I have for you is don't flake out, you said today is the day so just live up to that and you're golden, regardless of what happens its a great experience. just do it!


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