Should I just walk away?

So I've been hanging out with this guy for almost a year now. The other day I took the courage to ask him what we were and he replied stating that we are friends and he likes me a lot and he would like to be more when the time is right, but he got out of a long term relationship ( over a year ago) and he just wants to relax.

I like him a lot, but I think it's unfair that he dragged me along without letting me know from the start that he did not want a relationship i dont know what yo do. Any thought? Am i wasting my time? Should i just move on?


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  • I think you are wasting your time.
    Because EVEN he is un sure about the future for the both of you.
    You don't know how long you'd have to wait in order for him to be ready or come around.


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  • i guess u should stay friends better... maybe sth might happen in da future u know


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