Would you say it's bad if I hit my girlfriend in the arm but she hit me first, twice?

So we got into a heated argument yesturday and she slapped me 2 times in the face (they actualy hurt). I had enough and i punched her in the arm. I guess it hurt her cause she stopped the yelling. This was our first really big argument, we had never gotten this heated ever before. I said sorry to her about 3 hours after and then this morning we basically said sorry to each other again. She said she wouldn't slap me and i would not hit her again.

I was mad and told one of my friends and he was like "you had the right to hit her". I feel bad about it now. i'am not hot headed, although my girlfriend has a bit of a heatd temper sometimes.

So was it wrong for me to hit her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Neither person should HIT any one.

    You both were in the wrong.

    I'm not going to jump on a automatic defense for her (like some people would) because she's a woman.
    No one has the right to put hands on any one.


What Guys Said 1

  • No you were being attacked so it's self defense but I don't recommend hitting her the courts will show you no mercy or understanding if she decides to tattle

    • i don't think we would bring this to court, it was something that we're both over now. I'm not that type of person. i don't think she is either

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