I don't know what to do now 😔, Advice?

I told the guy I was talking how I was feeling and he never texted me back and I don't know what to do. I am green bubble and he is the Gray Bubble This all happened yesterday and Erza is his son.
I don't know what to do now 😔,Advice?

I really need advice on this


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  • You guys actually together?

    • No we have been talking for a while

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    • Okay from what I told you do honesty think he there's a big possibility he will text me or a slim chance? because if he doesn't I have to remove everything about him from my life and if he doesn't contact why would he keep on his Facebook like he should remove me, he has been online of bunch of times today.

    • Why would you need to remove everything about it?

      There's no guarantee he will contact you. I mean shit, he could text you in the next 5 minutes, who knows.

      Don't overreact. You make it seem like this is a break up, it's not, there was no relationship in the first place.

      You should start the whole being cool thing right now lol. Don't pay attention to what he's doing, just let things be.

      Play it cool. Just go about your business and let what happens happen, don't have any expectations on what may or may not happen

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  • Ignore him.


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