Is he into me?

This guy and I have been talking for 2 weeks on the phone for hours at a time over long distance. He told me he had a huge crush on me when we were younger, and I didn't give him the time of day until a couple weeks ago. At first, he was really into texting me and calling me. Now, he doesn't call or text very often...but whenever we talk he lets it be known that he really likes me and is possibly interested in dating when he moves to the same state I live in (at the end of this month). On the phone, we talk about life, work, spirituality, sex, music, sports, and everything in between; yet, he seems a little distant. Can someone help me understand what is going on with this guy?

Bmz, in the past four days I've had little contact with this guy. He called me three nights ago to ask a question, said he needed to go after ten minutes, and promised to call back. I received not a call, a text, or even a Facebook message from him since.
I texted him short, flirty statements and question hoping to spark conversation, but he replied with short statements or one word. We've been on the Facebook at the same time, but he won't message me. I'm trying to wait until he makes the next move. Help?
Thanks again for the advice. A few days before Christmas (and this was all over text, mind you...making for a messy situation), he told him I was "insecure" and "bipolar." I told him to forget it and haven't spoken to him since. Obviously a guy like...
...that is not worth my time. Your help has been so appreciated, though :)
Oops, he told me*, I mean. You got the picture. :)


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  • Hmm, I'm not him, so I really can't say what's going on haha. I'd like to say that he is busy or preoccupied and doesn't have time to communicate lately, but if he has time for Facebook, it kinda nullifies that argument.

    Is there anything you are leaving out? I mean, it seems odd that he'd start playing "hard to get" suddenly. Waiting for his next move isn't a bad idea. If you don't receive anything back from him after a few days I'd text "hey bud, you still haven't called me back :P." After that point, it sounds desperate if you keep contacting him, and there really isn't much else you can do. I know it's not what you want to hear and it's incredibly frustrating (I'm in a similar situation :S), but you have to look at your long-term pursuit, and waiting is probably the best thing.


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  • He likes you a lot obviously and still does. As far as the decline in communication, my guess is he feels limited by non-direct communication. He might just be running low on topics to discuss. The same old, how are you doing today/what's new gets stale. Until you see him, initiate interesting topics and try to keep things new. Once you see him, things will get easier because you can get out and do stuff. Most communication is non-verbal which makes texting and talking on the telephone difficult.

  • What a jerk. Sorry to hear things didn't work out. The nice thing about rude guys is they are easier to get over haha. Another person will come along soon... take care!



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