Has anyone dated a coworker that has gone good?

I have a slight crush on a coworker... we work the same shift but diferent department... I only see him at lunch or walking into work... so we don't conversation a lot but when we do talk its always great... we laugh , have a lot I'm common... and are both a little shy , even tho we are in our 30's.. lol... my shift is going to change I won't see him at all... kinda want to talk to him more but I don't know what to say to keep a connection when I change my shift... What should I do or say? Any advice? Or maybe I should just drop it right? Need help..
After writing this out and reading your comments... All great advice... think I'll just get to know him while I can before my shift change... just to make sure if he is interested or not... who knows he might be a cool friend... Yeah I dont want things to be awkward so I'll just take it easy.. I've been divorced for over 2 years and havnt dates in over 10 this is weird for me to actually like someone... thanks everyone.


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  • I had a buddy that married someone he met from work; worked out for him.

    I've never had a good experience myself.


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  • I did. We broke up and both of us left work afterwards.

    If you date him, one of you will have to quit your job. Either it works out or not. If you end up in a relationship and get married eventually, one of you MUST leave work. Bc you guys will need a break from each other. If you break up, it will be awkward...
    Before you go forward with this (ask him out flirt with him) make sure he likes you. If not, it will be awkward.
    I asked my coworker out for coffee he declined, I ended up ignoring for 9 months. Yeah...

    • Yeah... I'm not planning on staying there. I've been updating my resume and applying other places.. Not because of this but just better career opportunities.. I also work with someone I use to date ( not at work). From years ago.. and its not awkward at all even tho it ended bad.. thanks for the advice.. it was very helpful...

    • Good for you

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  • no, i have dated one that has gone badly

  • Never goes good.


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