Date gone wrong?

so i went on a date with this guy and it seemed to been going pretty well he even said we should do this pretty soon but its been a week and he still hasn't tried to contact me. we have dated before so maybe i reminded him about why it wouldn't work but i changed. or maybe he found someone else. I don't know should i move on something about him i can't seem to shake up like this last week i had like 4 dreams about him when tell me self to just move on ill have a dream remind me i shouldn't. i haven't messaged him either so do you think i should? thanks


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  • You said you dated before, so what happened then? You also mentioned that you changed, how so?

    • I had some family issues that were making me extremely depressed. not that I told him that but I was really reserved very to myself hardly talked to him unless I was talked to but now im confident I delt with thoses issues im happy and outgoing becausze that's my real personality

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    • he did reach out after I wrote this question

    • That's good, I hope things will work out for you.

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  • You should move on. Dreams don't mean much.


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  • Just move on.

    • you don't think I should at least try to talk to him first

    • You can but there are a lot of guys out there who are willing to stay in touch with you and not fall of the planet.

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