How to get an ex back who I cheated on?

Cheated on her and she fond out and left me now I miss her sometimes and want to get her back.


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  • you want her because you miss her? or you want her back because you realized you messed up and will never make that mistake and are prepared to prove yourself time and time again to be a trustworthy person she should want in her life?

    you want her back? there's no guarantee but having been cheated on twice I can tell you what I needed... but never got. Full contrition. Fall on the sword. Eat crow. In other words apologize profusely. Tell her you made a huge mistake and you realize it. IF she takes you back you are going to have a long road of rebuilding trust in the relationship. That was the biggest issue I had. Lack of trust and those girls not being willing to work through the process of rebuilding it.

    ... so if you want her back, and that's a big decision you have to make, go to her and plea for a second chance. And then make sure she doesn't ever regret giving you that second chance


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  • if you only sometimes want to... you probably shoudn't. just let her move on and heal herself. i know it sucks... but sometimes you just gotta let people try and fix what you broke.

  • You dont. You cheated on her. Leave it at that. You made your bed, now lay in it.

  • If she has self respect and thinks highly of herself and loves herself, the only way to get her back is to invent a time machine and not cheat on her.
    If she's low confidence it's easy, just tell her what she wants to hear, be all good around her and do shit for her.

    • She don't want to listen to me also she has a boyfriend and a happy relationship now that makes it harder to be with her once again.

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    • I don't think lack of self respect or not loving oneself is a reason for a person to take back a cheater. it could be that they understand people make mistakes. that people can change. and that humans are fallible

    • People do make mistakes, and only some mistakes are understandable. Having total disregard for somebodys feelings and having so little respect you will go and cheat isn't. Why would anybody who loves themselves take back a person who can't have that basic level of respect for them and doesn't even have a second thought for their feelings. That's just setting such a low bar for your relationship and what you expect in a partner.

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