How can I act very mature?

I am not shy to talk to new people. I like to start conversations with anyone and I like to have fun. Yet when it comes to talking to guys that I am attracted to, my attitudes changes and I act like a little high school girl. I recently had a fling with a man who is 14 years older than me. He is finishing up his schooling, living at his home, etc. He is genuine and highly intelligent. He knows what he wants in a woman and if she doesn't have that, then he will move on.

My character is pretty decent. I know how to carry myself inside and out. I am very good with my grammar and know my medical history, but when it comes to confidence and maturity I am not at the level I should be at my age.

My question to you is what do I do in the future to prevent myself from acting childish?


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  • You are who you are. But what qualifies you as childish? Your still growing into yourself as a young woman so compared 2 someone 14 years older then you maturity wise your just not there. Or maybe you are, but your 2 busy tripping over your own two feet to realize it. Confidence and maturity are not things we're born with they are both 2 things we learn. If your not there yet. I'm not sure trying to get there will help. My best advice would be stay true to who you are. You probably felt indifferent because you were around someone much older. In that case the problem isn't you maturity level. Its how you see yourself.

  • Be yourself, number one. Maybe instead of looking at yourself as childish, consider yourself to be a kid at heart. That's a fun and lovable quality to have. If he moves on because you don't meet his expectations, maybe he should date someone his own age then. Don't sweat it hun. If he doesn't accept you for you, then let him go he's not worth your time anyway. Never try to alter yourself to please somebody else because then you won't be happy. Good luck!

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