He lied about having his online dating profile active. what should I do?

The guy I've been talking to doesn't want to do long distance im moving there in 2 months he wanted to slow things down we talk at least daily to say good morning. However we had a big fight the other day. The online dating site we met off of I had logged into to figure out to delete it and noticed he hadn't been active since he told me no longer was then logged in one other time clicked on his profile this was after are big fight where i said i wasn't sure i could do this anymore. I noticed he looked at my profile, it shows when someone was last active and the interaction when they viewed your profile, Since then He updated his profile and has been on almost daily. I finally asked him in random convo hey is see your active again whatsup with that he came up with some story that someon recently catfished him on fb and maybe on here too however its the exact profile he used to contact me "shows intereaction" I mentioned that to him and said I noticed it was updated with new pictures and he swears he wasn't on it. I told I really was just more curious and asking than actually caring if he was seeing other people. This long distance we dont have a commitment and he didn't want anything more serious till i moved down there. SO why lie if Im capable of seeing the truth and all the evidence is right in front of me. Perhaps he doesn't think I can see when He was last on etc. cuz he only uses the mobile app but if you login online you can see everything. Last login, when they last viewed you etc.


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  • Break up with him.

    • were not officially together we have been dating with no exclusive commitment

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