Do girls under estimate how hard dating is for guys?

It really does feel like they do, they have no idea how hard it is for a guy to get a date with a girl he likes, let alone anything beyond that

This is why many many men have given up on women

Man I'd love it if for one week no woman in the world got approached or got any compliments or any attention, they would all probably commit suicide.


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  • I feel you, its not so much that its so hard to approach its that women take such JOY in rejecting you in the most hurtful way possible. At least here in the US. Then when all the normal men stop trying and only the narcissistic assholes approach them they wonder why "no good guys approach me." And how come all the guys I date turn out to be assholes? Well because you only date guys who are "confident" or never show any nervousness, because quite frankly, the don't give a shit about you, so they aren't nervous about whether it works or not.

    • You think we enjoy rejecting guys? I think it's one of the worst things ever.

    • @ spuitkaas well you must enjoy it since so
      many women do it.

    • @Toughlyforfemales
      Oh come on. Rejecting people feels horrible. It's not like we go out of our way to get a boy interested just to reject him. We're just not interested. It's better to reject a guy that you're not interested in because you know it's not going to work out in the long run. To me dating a someone you're not interested in is just a waste of time and money for both parties.

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  • Blah blah blah...
    I'm a girl and I also have a hard time with guys, I've never been on a date or anything.
    Stop generalizing.
    Guys think that all girls have it sooo easy.. hell no. Some girls, yes they do, but also some guys have it easy as well. It all depends on the person.

    • But the difference is that girls make it hard for themselves, but guys have it hard because of girls.

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    • @dangerDoge I completely agree.

    • I feel kind of like I betrayed the bros here. Sorry bros.

  • Dude, it's hard for all of us. Men worry about having to make the first move. Women worry about coming on too strong when they're interested and WANT to make the first move. No one has it easy and life is not the suffering olympics.

    • Don't worry about making the first move the vast majority of guys either genuinely don't care, or they like it when the woman asks them out. Especially, when we have no idea if she is into us.

    • @genuinlysensitive I never said these were my personal issues. I'm an assertive person and go for what I want.

  • No I certainly do not underestimate this.. i actually feel u guys, I haven't been in ur place but I can imagine the difficulty and nervousness and the courage it takes for u to do it..
    Soo.. Chapeau Bas to u guys!

  • Why do guys keep posting questions like this in order to vent. The same thing happens every time. The girls and guys who disagree with you get down voted and berated by those who think like you. You've obviously made up your mind and nothing anyone says will change it.

  • Maybe he should let the girls he likes actually KNOW so she can go on the date with him or if she refuses then the guy can move on to the next girl he likes and not obsess over someone who didn't like him to begin with.

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  • I think most of them do under estimate how hard it is. Even after getting a date a guy has to consider things such as, will he be able to talk with the girl so he can connect with her while doing the activity he has planned, while at the same time trying to find something she is going to enjoy. Meaning women generally have no idea how much work goes into planning a date. Instead they think the guy just drives to a random place and they start the date.

  • many many men have given up, really. like all the guys on your block? lol

    • Look into Japan and Asia, it's spreading here as well (MGTOW)

    • so this is about MGTOW and not a personal issue

  • depends. if they aren't attractive, its probably harder for women to get the guys they want. But there isn't a full understanding amongst some of them about being the one to consistently (not just for a day or two) make the first move. I did a take on this recently

  • From a guy's standpoint I say its hard because of all the work we have to put in especially if we are shy. Many times we also don't want to creep the girl out, ruining our chances with her. We put try our hardest to get the girl, talking and many attempts at flirting, we get our hopes up and ask her out. Most times she rejects you and does so however unintentional in the most hurtful way possible. I can honestly say not all girls like this though. Dating for girls is also very hard though not as hard as guys have sometimes. If a girl rarely or never gets asked out it could make her feel very insecure about herself. That can be very hard and frustrating because then she feels she is not pretty enough for a guy to ask her out but in actuality it is what guys feel too. They think the girl didn't find them good enough for her and that is why she rejected him. With that being said I think us guys have it worse due to the amount of blood, sweat, and tears we sometimes put in over a girl sometimes only for it to fall apart like a deck of cards. In reality though both guys and girls suffer from the same problem: insecurity.

  • Yes, I don't know if women usually don't think how men who are not very attractive at first impression. Last year I flirted with a girl and I take 5 weeks trying everyday to have a date with her, but she had things she prefer to do than dating me. I told it to my
    psychologist, who is female, but she said date her and speak it. If a female
    psychologist can't understand who difficult is for a man to date a girl, what woman would understand it?

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