How many days in advance to schedule a date?

there's a girl i like and what would be the best way to ask to go out? like buy scheduling a few days ahead or what?


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  • I would appreciate at least 4 or 5 days in advance, if not 6 or 7 days in advance. I will say that I often have plans for a particular weekend around 1 to 3 weeks in advance. I'm not always a planner, though. Spontaneity can be quite fun and is often a big part of my life.

    • So over text i could even be like maybe Friday or Saturday do you wanna go out? Because she said for sure and to let her know. So even over text i could just ask like that?

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    • Or ones they talk to or are close to a lot. Because i feel like if she says she loves talking to me and to text her anytime along with inviting me over her house saying she better see me there with a emoji is good lol

    • That's definitely good.

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  • You should tell her that you two should hang out sometime. Schedule a few days in advance so she can plan and look forward to it.

    • Yeah. She had said to let her know but it would be okay if i say like maybe Friday or Saturday would you wanna go out? even over text? She said before we will hangout.

    • Over text is fine. You can ask her if she would like to go out this coming Friday (or Saturday, whichever day you choose).

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  • Ofc a few days ahead
    If it's Monday, and you ask her out on Tuesday, it's a bit late, she might have already planned something

    So if it's Monday, you can ask her on a date for Friday
    That's still a few days away, and gives her time to reschedule to make it work, etc

    • Yeah i see what your saying. Because last week she said to let her know and we could hang out for sure. So over text it would be okay to say it like i was wondering if you wanted to go out maybe Thursday or friday?

    • You can give it a try :)
      I'd always try to do it at least one week ahead, but that is just me

  • definetely bro... and always confirm one day prior!

    • So lets say today she texts back after i ask how she is and stuff. It would be okay so say like i was wondering if you wanted to go out Wednesday or thursday? Because she said to let her know and we could hang out for sure.

    • it's ok then if u ask... np :)

  • Not more than a week in advance if it's not a big fancy date (which it shouldn't be for a first day)