Does she like me? What do I do?

So there is this girl that I have known for a while. She is one of my friends. We were on a church trip for a week and hung out pretty much the whole week, becuase I wanted to get to know her better. She was crying a couple of times and I would comfort her and bring her tissues and all that. By the end of the week I oviously like her. People were asking all week if we were dating and we would say no. Then on the last day she asked of it was ok to spread funny rumors that we were whenever people would ask. I said yes to this. She seems to like me but I am not very good at telling about girls. Other people have said that it looks like it and I should make a move. So... How do I tell if she likes me? What should I do? What should I tell her or ask her?
I know what making a move means, but what should I do? Like put my arm over her shoulder or hold her hand or what?


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  • She seems to like you, but she wants to play around with you. It could be okay with her spreading rumors about y'all dating, but it's not the safest thing to do cause it could completely backfire on you. I would go up to her (or text her if you're too shy) and tell her that you actually do like her and was wondering if she would like to do something with you. Like a movie, dinner, a night in, etc


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  • Well if you walk next to her, try holding her hand. It will be effortless if it is real. Or you can just straight up tell her how you feel


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