Why does it seem that many women are polar opposites?

I would like a relationship but it seems like I keep running into women that are either too wild with the ''we can do whatever we want to also'' liberal attitude or go all the way to waiting till marriage and all this talk about god.

I don't want neither of them. I wouldn't mind if a girl was waiting and didn't feel ready but I'm not going to wait till marriage. Somewhere in the middle would be good (like me who has been in a couple relationships but isn't into the hooking around world), not too liberal nor a church girl I have to marry.
If she isn't much into god, nor all this talk about finding your soulmate but more logical and realistic then even better.


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  • Just need to clone yourself then give it "gender reassignmnet" surgery, and voila!

    • You make it sound like those are the only girls available and that there is no such thing as a middle ground.

    • Nah, there is... you are the one making it sound as though there is no middle ground...

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  • that's just how it is in this world. people aren't the way you want them to be, so you have to prioritize

    • yeah it's hard. just when I thought this girl was right and was waiting... then she killed by saying she's waiting till marriage. uggggg

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  • everyone is different/

    • I did it but should those two be the only single option? If let's say I found a woman that ok had a couple long-term relationship and maybe 1 casual date, then ok I wouldn't mind. That's nothing too excessive nor ''only till marriage'' either.
      The problem is I either find a church girl type, girls too much into superstition and all this soulmate thing or girls that had lots of sexual sex and party around like crazy. Would like a girl that's neither of those.

    • Do you live in the Midwest?

What Guys Said 4

  • A lot of men and women have a hard time using moderation this is just human behavior.

    • yes, I'm having a hard time find a woman in the middle ground. My ideal would be a girl had a couple relationship and maybe when single had a casual date (ex: a friends with benefits she known for a while) but nothing too excessive. I don't get that. Don't want someone that partied like crazy and slept with the whole town. But neither a religious virgin.

    • Yeah man that's just life its really hard to find someone you really click with I don't believe that whole thing that there is someone for everybody most of it is just luck trust me.

  • That's going to be tough...

  • You will have to pick one.

    • I don't want neither of those two. I don't want a religious virgin nor do I want a party girl with a high count.

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    • So I have to settle for a girl that I'm not even on the same page with? I don't believe in waiting till marriage but I don't have a sleeping around past either.

    • You'll find that you are not on the same page with any mortal let alone a female one.

  • Women are all different just like guys

    • Will I find the one in the middle ground?

    • I think so yes. Usually easier when they are older.

    • hopefully

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