Friends, Sex, and the Airforce academy? Help?

Ok, so here's the situation. One of my good friends (we're in college in the same engineering program) told me about two weeks ago that he really likes me, but this is all after finding out that he finally got into The US Air force academy (which is around 3 states away) that he's been trying to get into for 2 years or so. I've liked him for a long time too. Long story short: We ended up sleeping together and hanging out pretty much everyday before he left. A few hours before he started basic training (I'll only be able to talk to him through letters for a while) he called me and we had "the talk". We agreed to stay in whatever place (we call it limbo, haha) we are relationship-wise until he comes home in a few months to visit.

Anyway, even though I feel strongly about him I feel like it's best if we just go back to being friends. I don't want to start something with him and it end horribly, because of the long distance thing. He motivates me to be a better person, and I don't want to risk losing that. Obviously, I wouldn't mention anything to him until after basic, because he has enough to deal with, but do you think it's a smart/best decision to end whatever this is before it starts? Do you think we've ruined our friendship already?


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  • Is he at the AF academy or is he enlisted? I'm confused then you mention Basic Training. Oh well I'll just re read it

    To answer your question, I believe if you guys actually care about the friendship it will work. If either one of you are holding on to hope for a relationship, the friendship will fail.


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  • you ruined the friendship.


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