Hello girls would you mind give me a dating chance?

hello girls would you mind give me a dating chance? to be honest you don't have to think of it as a date. i just want to get out there and meet new people. have a great time and see where it goes.


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  • True not dating site but who knows, where ever love may take you. You can't help who you like.

    • funny enough. I don't have a type. I have this weird personality that likes everybody but can't connect to them

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    • yeah that's what I mean romantically interested. not sex. and same here doesn't matter how much we have in common. it doesn't work out. they bail asap. with me I like to stick around for awhile to see if it works out. dw I haven't experienced sex yet either. I've seen people make a big deal about it though. so yeah...

    • You sound like me, don't worry about it. Something will happen.

  • this is not a dating site!

    • I know it's not a dating site. I was just asking if you would give me a chance to know me as a person

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