Guys, my boyfriend told me this.. Is it good.. Bad.. What should I do?

My boyfriend of 8 months said to me today when we met.. He feels the physical attraction but not the emotional connection.. He thought by now.. He would love me but he does not feel that.. He says he likes me.. The connection and bond is great. im a good girl.. But he also said he is not sure if his family will accept me.. To him family is important.. So also for me... He said when i gave him a scenario.. If he finds someone else that he loves and feels the connection he will leave me.. I was hurt.. i was quite.. I said so am i wasting my time n he said from the beggining he is giving it his all bc he wants it to work.. What to do? ..
He also said he talks to girls from his past job n current. from skool.. N even new girls n he got hit on but nvr made a move.. Im hoping with this he means he is in for the long run.. I do like him a lot n the last thing i need is my heart is broken.. He says he can b himself around me.. Which is great.. He is fake at work.. Etc.. Bc he knows people will nvr really accept the real him.. Where he is blunt... I want us to work.. Help? ..


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  • You have two options. Wait it out and hope it works out for the best, or end it before you get any further into it. It's been long enough now that there should at least be *some* feeling there. And I have no doubt you're an excellent girl. It's just that sometimes these things happen. You're close, just not quite close enough. You can force it, but that won't end well for either of you. It's a tough decision all around.

    • Well honestly im hoping that things do work out.. Since he said he has been since beginning.. Give his best.. I have fallen for him hard and fast... I want him to know i will always b there for him.. Im suee he does know that..

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    • @asker I think that guy respects you, but doesn't love you. He doesn't want to break your heart but he feels stuck in his position. His heart is somewhere else, his head is with you. I am telling you, this won't last. Sorry for you. At least, he's not an asshole and he may be a great friend. He may have done nothing up to now but it's only because of guilt. Now that you are aware of the problem, I think he may start looking around.

    • But why he does not love me... Its been almost a year... I asked if he is looking and he said no.. N he told me if he finds someone he would let me know... But when he said he does not feel emotionally connected.. I was heart broken.. He says im a great girl.. He shud hve told me sooner than later n not break my heart.. All this while i felt this was it.. I feel he is indecisive n does not know what he wants... He says he gets offers but declines.. If thats the case why he said not fishing arpund bc he is with me.. Is it all talk... He tells me he likes me n does not love me bc he feels... love takes much longer time of 4 to 5 years dating... he says.. When [ asked him shyd v break up.. He sd from his part no but if i want to he is fine.. I was hurt n mad.. He said he wants more hugs but its been two days n no message.. I kno he's busy with his bro wedd which im not invited to... Bc he is not ready to intro.. Fine.. But.. i dunno what to do or say.. @JuicyBrain

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  • He's just not that into you.
    Time to find someone who is.

  • this ia a bad, bad sign I'm really suggesting you end it and save yourself the heart ache :? I'm sorry I know this sucks but why waste toime on someone whos not serious about you and he is already hinting that he might break up.

    • How is he hint[ng he will break it off... Yes im not thrilled about it.. Sounds to me he is c]nfused...

  • If a woman said this to me, I would conclude that I was being used.

    • Thats what im thinking too

  • If that's real... he's a fucking moron.

    Ditch his ass.


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