Can Two Crazy People Be Together?

SO THIS GUY I "mess" with went off on me like usual.
He thinks I don't want to have sex with him because my actions don't show it. He doesn't let me touch him and always brings up old shit, on how I didn't let him touch me.
He thinks I'm BULL SHITTING him and I'm not.
I'm so close to punching him in his face!
Can two crazy, like MENTALLY CRAZY people be together without someone getting hurt, like seriously hurt?
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  • I'm crazy and in love with a crazy boy. It's all good.

    • I'm kind of scared of him, and he has anger problems and I'm just crazy to the point where I will stab him in his neck.
      How is that going to work?

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    • I get ya. He drives me crazy some times.

    • I know how to control myself, but I don't think he does but when we are together its so nice, and then when we aren't is goes offf

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  • Well, if they are both crazy and both get hurt, neither of them know they are getting hurt. The question is can a sane person be with a crazy person? And I don't think that would end nicely

  • Can two crazy people be in a relationship? Yes! But! They both have to be a good place because when it's good it's realllllly good but when it's bad it's the wort thing of all time. So you have to find balance. I've done it

    • I'm trying too, but he thinks I'm a liar and a BS'er

  • yes they can.


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