If you could only do one of these for the rest of your life with your S. O. which would you choose and why?

Kissing, cuddling, sex, being able to hold meaningful conversation?

Sorry I know this question is a little lame but I wanted to ask something and well sometimes with msyelf, asking one question gets the ball rolling lol

  • Kissing
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  • Cuddling
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  • Sex
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  • Meaningful conversation.
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please don't forget the why portion.
why did you pick the answer you did and what were the individual reasons for each one as to why you would drop them?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I can give up sex because being with him is the most important part abd I can still masturbate, and as long as there's physical contact I'll survive, cuddle over kissing because though both are forms of touching, cuddling releases a bunch of feel good bonding hormones and Im pretty hooked.
    I can be with my man even if he were mute, it's not like he ever say talked me anyway, I'd be ok with only having friends level conversation and not couples ones.
    he shows me he loves me by taking care of me and indulging my clingy cuddliness, and that's all that matters to me.

    • lol not to sound weird but okay, what if you couldn't masturbate, would you answer change?

    • No, it'd suck, but intamacy through actions is the most important to me, actions speak louder than words, and plenty of people survive without sexual release, it'd be just like being a monk but also getting to hug a liver

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What Girls Said 2

  • Meaningful conversation, because the others will just be actions without words

  • conversations.

    • why? jc. I mean why pick that over the others? why would you be willing to give the others up?

What Guys Said 1

  • Kissing...

    • It's my favourite thing I do always. I love her soft lips and pinkish lips...