Guy on date who eats out of dates meal?

i went on a date with a guy--in the beginning he said he just 'paid his rent' and acted like he was low on money.. it seemed like bs. i went to pick him up and he seemed ghetto weird... a weird white guy... i didn't feel ok but ended up doing it... at dinner, he ordered a pitcher of beer, and i ordered food and he ate out of my food.. which I think was just stupid... it was annoying and distracting. Then, i asked him how much money he made- he said 800/week. I'm laughing because i go out to dinner with lots of guys who make much less and don't pull this BS... his rent is just 500 a month and he couldn't order a meal for himself? then, when i was getting up he tried to grab my hand... when i asked him not to, he forcefully reached down and grabbed my hand.. in the end he was forcefully trying to give me a hug but i told him to back off lots of times... he said he 'took me out to dinner." what kind of freak is this...


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  • Wow, that's just crazy weird. I wouldn't recommend a second date.


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  • Lol damn, creepy guy, pray he forgets ur number. Imagine how he would act down the road if you dated him


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