Girls, what I'm I missing to get a long term girlfriend?

Ok so here's the deal, I know how to flirt with girls and get dates with them, the problem is that I maybe to good of a flirt for my own good. I have been on a handful of dates with different girls in the past couple months and almost every first date ended with a heavy make out session, I received 2 bj's and 1 night stand! Ok but I have never really been eager for sex, it's always been available to me by girls, what I want is a long term relationship, I fucken 22 I need to find my future wife! The dates are really fun and stuff but they lead to some great sex and future booty calls but that's it, I need help because I'm confused?


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  • Maybe do less flirting and more actual convo that might help slow things down in the making out one night stand thing. Try dating during the day no night dates call talk more flirt less


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  • Are you worried you're not the right guy for them or are they not the right girls for you? When you date do you have a certain type? If so try something new and out of your comfort zone, maybe you'll be interested enough to Persue something more

    • I just a feel like there not the right girls for me, tbh I'm a very shallow person and I like to date hot women or these so called "bad bitches". Do I go out and attract them? No really? They usually come up to me, so I guess those are the kind of girls that find me attractive

  • What your missing is the right kind of girl

    • They all seem nice and like good girls not sluts or anything, one of them told me " I don't know what it is about you but you do something to me! You turn me on!"

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    • Don't. Maybe once or twice. Compliment her smile or her intelligence. Don't say she looks hot day she looks beautiful. Don't make her think that you see her as a sexual partner right away. Let her know your into her of course bit in an out of pants kind of way. Certain places can be more stimulating for that also. Go get coffee instead of drinks. Or go to a museum instead of a movie, ya know? Never end a first date with making out or one of you became the others booty call.

    • Ok I see, I'll try that stuff thank you

  • maybe go for Girls you actually like, and try getting to know them before getting physical? Also, why is it that you want a Long-term girlfriend? What is it that you are looking for that you are not getting at the moment? Just slow things down, and you'll be fine.

    • I want a long term relationship because I eventually wanna get married and have a wife and kids that's why

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