Girls: Is this a good idea for a first date?

I have a date in 2 weeks and I was thinking of dinner to have a good conversation and go to the local club not for drinks but to dance I just wanna have some fun but want my date to enjoy herself as well,do you think you would enjoy it?girls only thanks

I've been brainstorming some ideas and this is what I came up with,I was thinking of picnic at the beach under a tree hopefully its sunny just talk and get to know each other then spending the whole day together and have dinner then go to a dance at night


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  • hmmm... personally that's not a good first date for me. that type of first date can lead to a "i just want to be friends". but that's just me. she might be different. I prefer conversation and getting to know someone on my first date.

    first date: dinner then a few drinks

    second date: movie then a few drinks

    third date: dinner then clubbing

    fourth date: something outdoors like golfing range or ice skating

    fifth date: sex

    • Hey thanks for the answer but me and her don't drink and we think sexual relationship is sacred to us as we value marriage convenants. may consider golf range thought sounds good or ice skating

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