Was he interested or just being friendly?

I met this guy at a social Meetup event a few days ago, and after the event was over & everyone left we stayed and chatted for like an hour. It seemed like he wanted to keep the conversation going & I got the vibe he was interested. I told him I was job hunting, and he said he had a friend who could help me out, and suggested we exchange #s so he could put me in touch with her. A few hours later he texted "It was really nice meeting you, have a great weekend :)". Then today he texted me again to give me his friend's info & all he said was "let me know if I can help you in any other ways with job searching, and good luck with the job hunt!". I'm slightly confused/disappointed.. does he seem interested at all or did I totally misread things?


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  • I'd suggest responding: "Thanks! Hey how about coffee or tea. On me. :) "

    And take it from there. Good luck. :)


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