Why do people care if others don't work out?

Why do "fit" people care if some guys don't stop eating junk food or start taking care of their looks?

Wouldn't it benefit the "fit" people more because there will be less competition?

I personally don't care about anybody in general and especially their appearance (fat, skinny) so to me it's, mind boggling why others care what you look like


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  • It's natural for human beings to criticize each other in general , but if you use perspective then you might understand why they urge non fit guys to get fit.
    Maybe there are benefits?
    Maybe they're just trying to do you a favor.
    I personally don't mind what anyone looks like and I wouldn't get up in someone's face and tell them to do this or that.
    I'd really just ignore those sorts of people, but being fit defeats the purpose if you are trying to one-up people :/ Its just something to be open minded about I guess :D


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  • Probably for the same reason a ton of Christians have told me I'm going to hell for being Atheist. It's a "My way is the only right way and you're wrong for living differently" kind of thing I guess.

  • Because if they couldn't tell you what a horrible person you are for not being as good as them what would the point be?

  • The ones that want them to stop eating junk food is because they do care about people and their health


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