Guy knows how much I like him. Should I back off and give him distance?

Been talking to this guy for a month. Hung out a few times. Got sexual a few times, but no intercourse. He's only asked to hang out once. All the other times I was the 1 who asked him. He usually texts me 1st but when he doesn't then I'll text him. he's short in his responses only cause he doesn't like texting & sometimes he doesn't text back. He told me earlier this month that he liked hanging with me & that I was the only person he's really hung with since he's been here except his roommates. I told him I liked him too. I sort of annoyed him earlier this week. We were supposed to hang out but he backed out to hang with his friends. Instead of leaving it be since we're not an item I made a small deal out of not being able to hang out. The next night we hung out but I noticed he was distant. We got a little sexual but when I tried to have intercourse he said he was really tired which he very well may have been. I just came home. He said he likes his space & it's all he used to. Since then I've sort of grown distant from him. I am letting him initiate contacting me first, & I don't respond with long texts like I normally do. I'm still nice and joke around, but not as long. When he doesn't contact me, I don't text him. I haven't asked to hang out or even asked what he was going to be doing on his days off like I normally do. I really like him & want to stay in good graces into a possible relationship. Will this distance & space help get me back in good graces with him? Or will he feel the difference in my backing off as me being sour?


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  • Sounds like you're not getting the attention you want between him and you, I don't really see what you could do besides hanging back, if you get tired and feel like nothing's going to happen, maybe consider dropping it and moving on


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