Should I give up if I feel like I'm the only one who gets in touch?

He has started telling me to get in touch with him first, he wasn't doing this before. I let him do all the work which he disliked so I get that he wants me to step up but right now I feel like the only one who gets in touch. Last time we talked he ended it with telling me to get in touch so for two days I didn't hear anything from him until I reached out. I think he has stopped flirting with me too after I slept with him? He could send me these cute random texts but he hasn't. I tried flirting with him but he reply with something casual like asking about my day.. It's like he avoids flirting with me. I have been doing the same to him but I doubt that it's the reason he is giving back or something like that. I turned down his flirting last week and he sort of ignored me. What happened?


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  • His goal was to get some, and he got it. Dump the loser.


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