Are theese signs she likes me?

I sat next to the girl i think likes me at work, and she sort of playfully charged her chair into the back of mine, I've heard a lot oabout how girls come into guys peersonal space, she also turning around to tralk to me, and waited for me to finish work so she cud walk up with me, are theese big signs?


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  • Yep, they usually are


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  • To be honest, I don't see any signs.

    • we had our back to each other, when girls like a guy they want to be close to them, they come into our personal space, which is exactly what she done, why would she wait for me to finish?

    • Maybe she's just being friendly with you seeing you work in the same department?

      If you think she likes you why aren't you asking her out?

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  • Most probably no or maybe yes


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